Equipment Financing & Leasing

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Most businesses have difficulty functioning without the right equipment. What good is a gym without treadmills and stair-steppers? What good is a printing business without printers, scanners and copiers? At Abel Commercial Funding, we can help you obtain equipment financing to get the essentials for keeping your business going.

construction-financingIs Leasing a Good Idea? 

While some businesses might choose to purchase their equipment outright, this can often be too expensive at first. Leasing allows you to pay for your equipment slowly, sometimes with the option to purchase it when your lease is up. Other reasons why leasing can be a good idea include:

  • No impact on your bank credit lines
  • Options to upgrade your equipment
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Tax benefits
  • Save cash for other important business needs

There are a variety of equipment leasing programs that you can choose from. We can help you find the option most suitable for your needs.

Bad Credit Programs 

We know that the economy has taken its toll on businesses over the past several years. If you are suffering from B, C or D credit and need some financing options, we may still be able to help you with our second chance program.


Have you only just begun your exciting business venture? It can sometimes be difficult to find financing when you have no business experience and your business is less than two years old. We can help your startup to grow with appropriate financing options.

Sale and Lease Back

If owning your equipment is important to you, we also have leasing options to help with that. We buy your equipment and lease it to you. You get the cash you need, your equipment, low monthly payments and the option to purchase your equipment back at the end of your lease. 

Municipal and Government Lease Options 

We have the ability to offer guaranteed approval for lease financing to government and municipal entities, including:

  • Fire houses
  • Libraries
  • Police departments
  • Public schools
  • Armed services
  • And more

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