Hard Money In Columbia, MD 

For entrepreneurs in Columbia, MD, there are sometimes situations where having access to hard money loans is a necessity. When large financing is still in the pipeline, but immediate financial obligations need to be met, a hard money loan can come in very handy. Similarly, when you find yourself between large transactions, and need working capital to ease the strain off of cash flow, hard money loans can be just what the doctor ordered. Abel Commercial Funding provides bridge loans and hard money loans to both business owners and commercial real estate investors in the Columbia, MD area.

Hard Money Loans In Columbia, MD

Hard money loans are sometimes referred to as “bridge loans.” The reason for this is that they can help Columbia, MD entrepreneurs span any gaps in financing they may be experiencing. As an example, a commercial real estate investor in Columbia, MD is planning on purchasing and renovating a multifamily apartment. The big financing is is being processed, and will not disburse for ten days. The commercial real estate investor has the option of placing everything on hold until funding is available, or take out a hard money loan. A hard money loan keeps projects in motion. By using a hard money loan, the commercial real estate investor can handle inspections, closing costs, acquire the necessary permits for construction, and any other immediate costs. Many entrepreneurs in Columbia, MD roll the cost of hard money loans into the larger financing request, and then pay off the balance as soon as funds are made available.

The Benefits Of Hard Money Loans In Columbia, MD

Our hard money loans offer a number of advantages to Columbia, MD entrepreneurs, including:

  • LTV up to 80 percent
  • Loan amounts ranging from $100,000 to $100 million
  • Interest-only amortization
  • Closing times in as few as five days
  • Low interest rates, depending on collateral
  • Origination fees as low as 1 percent

Qualifying For Hard Money Loans In Columbia, MD

Abel Commercial Funding usually offers hard money loans that start at one million dollars. Because hard money loans are very popular among commercial real estate investors and property developers in Columbia, MD, we usually take commercial real estate as collateral, including raw land and development projects. Abel Commercial Funding also offers fast closings on hard money loans, which means Columbia, MD entrepreneurs can access funds in as few as five days. If you own a small, medium, or even large business in the Columbia, MD area, we may be able to help, as well. We can provide the working capital you need when you are moving into larger facilities, expanding, or simply going through “growing pains.”

The Best Hard Money Loans In Columbia, MD

Abel Commercial Funding understands the challenges facing business owners and commercial real estate investors in Columbia, MD. Because of these hurdles, we are dedicated to providing the best hard money loans in Columbia, MD. If you would like to learn more about our hard money loan program, contact our offices today.