real estate investorEvery real estate investor is looking for that competitive edge, and if that thing is an app for their smartphone, even better. Portable technology has revolutionized how we do business, and the smartphone has become our virtual office. Forget Twitter and Facebook marketing – these apps are essential for every real estate investor to become more productive.

1. Evernote

Evernote is like a Swiss Army Knife in its multifunction capabilities. On the surface, a real estate investor can use Evernote to take notes from meetings, property inspections, daily notes on prospective purchases, etc. But the real power comes in how Evernote organizes your notes, making them easy to find and access. On top of this, Evernote also works with websites, .pdf conversions, images, and has an amazing collaboration feature so that you can work with colleagues, finance professionals, sellers, buyers, and everyone else.

2. Captio 

Captio allows a real estate investor to jot down a quick reminder or a brilliant idea, and then the app will send an email, so you have those thoughts right there in your inbox. As a real estate investor, you have a lot going on in your head – there’s no reasons you should forget those great ideas.

3. Redfin Real Estate

A handy app for the real estate investor on the go, Redfin will allow you to search through specified listings (homes, commercial buildings, etc.) and see which ones are having open houses. It will also use your location to show you everything that is currently on the market in a given radius around where your are standing.

4. 7 Minute Workout

A real estate investor has very little personal time. Meetings, inspections, walkthroughs, and the drives in between all eat up time. This app by Johnson & Johnson has streamlined an exercise regimen, so that you can stay fit and healthy without sacrificing too much of your schedule.

5. EasilyDo Smart Assistant 

The one thing every real estate investor needs is a way to streamline and automate day-to-day functions. EasilyDo does everything from sending out reminders about important meetings, to automating social media posts, tracking important package deliveries, automatically adding people to you contacts list, and letting friends and family know when you are running late for social engagements (because you just closed that huge deal). EasilyDo is a very powerful app for the busy real estate investor.

6. GoogleDocs

It almost goes without saying that this is a great app for all of your documents and spreadsheets. GoogleDocs is cloud-based, so you”ll never lose anything. Plus, there’s a collaborative feature so a real estate investor can work with buyers, bankers, and anyone else on the team.

7. Asana

Asana is like having a project manager and coordinator in one app. Asana will let the busy real estate investor keep on target with buying, renovations, construction and other investment projects. Asana also has a powerful team collaboration feature.

8. Omifocus

Omnifucos is one of the pricier apps out there, but it is one of the more powerful all-in-one task management platforms, to keep a real estate investor on track, to goals are met, while still leaving ample time for rest and relaxation.

9. Mailbox

A real estate investor rarely has time to check email constantly, and may only respond to email a the end of the day, or before heading out of the door in the morning. Mailbox streamlines all of you email accounts into one app, and it will learn your usage patterns, so unwanted solicitors are ignored.

10. Clear

Clear is one of the more powerful, yet simply designed task managing apps out there. Create, re-order, and remove tasks from your schedule. If you have an incredibly busy schedule – and what real estate investor doesn’t? – then Clear may be the ideal app for you.