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Real Estate Investment Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you have done any research on real estate, you know that these investments can be very lucrative. Billionaires from Rockefeller to Warren Buffet have invested in both residential and commercial real estate. You have probably heard stories about people... Read More

How You Can Improve Your Employee Retention

Retaining talent, especially your best talent is one of the biggest challenges for many companies. Employees are the fuel that powers the business and without talented staff, long-term success will be a near-impossible goal. While improving retention is a common... Read More

How Purchasing the Right Tools Can Make You More Money

When you own a business, you might struggle with knowing when to upgrade or buy new tools and machinery. You want to keep some extra capital on hand for emergencies, but you also know that your business might be limited... Read More

Customer Service: The Key to Running a Successful Business

No matter what type of company you run, solid customer service is essential to staying afloat. Here’s some information on its importance and how to improve yours so that your business continues humming. The Negative Effect of Dissatisfied Customers Unhappy... Read More

Common Commercial Real Estate Investment Mistakes To Avoid

Many millionaires and billionaires have built their wealth using commercial property investments. These investments are dependable for wealth building. Commercial real estate investments often have better performance than the stock market because they are much less volatile. However, even these... Read More

Benefits and Requirements of Stated Income Loans

Sometimes applying for a loan is challenging if you do not have the correct documentation or a stellar financial history. However, there are some loans available if you find yourself in a situation such as this. If you do not... Read More

7 Ways Outsourcing Benefits Your Small Business

Outsourcing is a popular resource for small businesses. Hiring an outside firm or contractor to handle select job functions for your company instead of an in-house employee is an action you should consider to help your business. What Are the... Read More

5 Excellent Reasons To Say “No”

As a young person, you probably were taught to listen to and respect authority figures. This probably involved saying “yes” and not talking back. In general, culture teaches that to succeed, it’s important to play nice, complete tasks you’d rather... Read More

What You Need To Know as a Small Business Owner

There are a lot of different things to navigate when you are a small business owner. This can be true no matter what you are selling or where your business is located. Additionally, it can be even more true if... Read More

What Is Alternative Lending and How Can You Use it?

In modern business, it’s common for clients to have many different options to choose from. This doesn’t just apply to retail stores and coffee shops — it also applies to financing. As a business owner, you have more options than... Read More