Outsourcing is a popular resource for small businesses. Hiring an outside firm or contractor to handle select job functions for your company instead of an in-house employee is an action you should consider to help your business.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing?

There are several benefits to taking this approach with some of your business tasks. These include:

1. Lowers Costs

By delegating tasks to an outside company, you save on the overhead expense of paying an employee’s salary and benefits.

2. Reduces Equipment Expenses

Technical equipment can be costly to purchase and maintain. However, you pay for the work done, not the equipment needed to complete it, when you contract out your technical needs.

3. Saves Time

Outsourcing non-essential business functions frees up time for you and your employees to focus on the essential tasks that expand your business.

4. Enables Flexible Staffing

You can hire additional independent contractors to complete extra work during your busy season and let them go when their help is no longer needed.

5. Gain Experienced Workers

Hiring an experienced employee would require paying a larger salary for the job. Partnering with a talented contractor gives you that same knowledge for the price of the project.

6. Decreases Risk

Outsourcing tasks that carry financial or legal compliance requirements transfer much of the risk from your company to theirs.

7. Elevates Efficiency

Contractors already know how to do the job when you partner with them. That means you can use their talent to start a project immediately instead of spending weeks hiring or training an employee.

What Jobs Can Be Outsourced?

You may be surprised at the number of job functions that can easily be outsourced. These include:

  • Accounting is the most common delegated small business task. Why take the time to learn all the compliance requirements and necessary processes your company is legally obligated to meet when you can contract with a trained accountant?
  • Administration: There is no need to hire an administrative assistant when you can pay for the services whenever you need them.
  • Social Media Marketing: It takes a great strategy and focused attention to the details when creating and maintaining a social media presence for your company. Giving this task to a trained professional ensures the job is done successfully.
  • Tech: Contract with a managed service provider to take care of all your technical needs.

Outsourcing some of your business tasks saves you time and money and helps you focus on growing your company.