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Using Business Credit Cards To Control Employee Spending

As a business owner, you know that out-of-control costs are a major detriment to your success. You can’t gain and maintain a competitive edge with unchecked employee spending. In fact, many businesses state that controlling costs is a top priority.... Read More

How To Transform Your Great Business Idea Into a Real Opportunity

If you have brainstormed a great business idea, it’s time to move it from the daydream phase to a real opportunity you can pursue. Here are a few tips to help you get started on taking action on your entrepreneurship... Read More

How Mezzanine Investors See Returns

Mezzanine financing is financing designed to fill the gap between senior equity and debt in a company. You can structure this as unsecured debt or preferred stock. It allows investors to convert to equity interest. Usually, mezzanine financing is used... Read More

How Invoice Factoring Can Help Small Businesses

Small businesses need some extra cash from time to time, and sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly the right kind of financing. Fortunately, many companies offer funding through the means of invoice factoring. Especially for businesses who mostly deal with... Read More

How Hard Money Loans Can Help Commercial Real Estate Investors

Many people choose to open businesses in the field of commercial real estate investing. When you are an investor looking to turn a profit on a commercial property, you want to find the best financing option for your exact needs.... Read More

Effective Techniques for Increasing Small Business Sales

The key to upping profits in any business is sales. Knowing what methods to implement can be tricky, especially for startups. Thankfully, there are tried and true approaches that, with the right implementation, have been proven to increase one’s earning... Read More

Do’s and Don’ts With MCA Financing

A merchant cash advance is a helpful short-term financial tool for businesses. This type of financing offers incredible flexibility and relatively easy qualification requirements. In other words, getting MCA financing normally isn’t a problem — knowing how to use it... Read More

Business Management 101: What Is Servant Leadership?

As you educate yourself on various effective management philosophies, you will encounter servant leadership. This philosophy is especially popular with young professionals as it aims to create a more caring and just business environment. It goes against the traditional model... Read More

The Balancing Act: Staying Happy at Home and Fulfilled at Work

In our 24/7, smartphone-connected society, many people have found the boundaries between their workday and homelife blurred. While some after-hours availability at your workplace may be helpful, it can gradually overcome the precious time needed to recharge, especially if you... Read More

3 Pros and 2 Cons of Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based lending uses your business assets as collateral. A lender will assess the value of your secured assets and offer an advance up to a certain percentage. For example, fixed assets such as property or equipment can get you 50%... Read More