For commercial real estate investors in Rockville, MD, the market presents a bit of a paradox. On one hand, the commercial real estate market in Rockville, MD is booming with opportunities for everyone from house flippers to large ground-up construction projects. Simultaneously, it is very difficult to secure financing in Rockville, MD due to the high requirements to access funding through traditional lending channels. Fortunately, there are a number of alternative commercial real estate financing options available for investors and property developers in the Rockville, MD area.

SBA Loans For Commercial Real Estate In Rockville, MD

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offer a number of programs for those looking to purchase or renovate commercial real estate for owner-occupied housing, storefronts, shopping centers, and more. However, going through traditional channels can be time consuming. The trick is to find a “Preferred Financial Services” company. Commercial lenders with this designation have the ability to fast track SBA loan requests in Rockville, MD and get the most competitive terms and rates.

Bridge Loans In Rockville, MD

Sometimes situations arise where large financing is still being processed, yet more immediate expenses need to be met in order to keep a project on track. For commercial real estate investors in Rockville, MD, a bridge loan can cover immediate costs, such as closing costs and getting permits for renovation or construction, as well as getting subcontractors lined up to work on a property. Bridge loans can make the difference between keeping a project in motion, and having it delayed for weeks while larger financing is still in the pipeline.

Fix And Flip Lines Of Credit In Rockville, MD

Commercial real estate investors in Rockville, MD understand that the market is exploding right now for homes. Getting a fix and flip line of credit gives Rockville, MD investors and property developers access to the capital they need for purchasing, renovation, and staging homes. Fix and flip lines of credit offer both revolving and non-revolving options for Rockville, MD CRE investors. One of the best things about fix and flip projects is that they do not just improve an individual home, they improve a neighborhood, which attracts more potential buyers to an area.

The Tip Of The Iceberg

Abel Commercial Funding offers a wide variety of commercial real estate financing solutions in Rockville, MD. As a “Preferred Financial Services” company, we can process SBA loans quickly and get the most competitive terms and rates in the Rockville area. We also offer bridge loans, lines of credit for house flipping project, but that’s not all. We also offer mezzanine financing, construction loans, and custom funding tailored to fit your needs. Contact our offices today to find out how we can help you reach your goals.