Starting and running a business can often be an expensive endeavor. Most individual don’t have enough capital lying around, and some businesses may be in operation for several years before they start making a profit. For this reason, many entrepreneurs turn to loans to get the necessary funding. While traditional loans from banks and credit unions are generally popular, these lenders often require detailed reasons for the loan. Sometimes, however, an entrepreneur needs to be able to borrow money unexpectedly, and unsecured business lines of credit may be the ideal solution.


A common form of unsecured business credit is the business credit card. Depending on the company’s need and credit history, the credit card will allow the company to borrow money up to a certain amount. Once the business has been approved, the owners don’t need to ask permission every time they need to use the credit. Whether they need to purchase supplies and inventory, pay unexpected repairs or take a client out to lunch, they can use the unsecured credit. Usually, they will need to meet two major requirements: make sure that the total amount of borrowed money does not exceed the total credit limit and pay at least the minimum monthly required payments on time.


For entrepreneurs, unsecured business lines of credit may have other advantages over traditional loans. Business owners typically have more say concerning their monthly repayments. For traditional loans, the amount that is to be paid each month is generally the same, and businesses are required to pay that amount regardless of how well or poorly they may have been performing that month. For unsecured lines of credit, on the other hand, businesses may choose to pay off the full amount they have borrowed that month. However, if sales have been slow or there have been other unexpected expenses that month, they may choose to just pay the minimum required payment or more, depending on what they can afford. Then, once business has improved, they can pay the rest of the balance.


Unsecured business lines of credit can be tremendously beneficial for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, lenders who provide such credit may not be willing to let anyone borrow their money. That’s why it’s important for businesses to always pay their vendors and other expenses on time. This shows the lenders that the entrepreneur is responsible and diligent in paying their bills.


Unexpected expenses can often arise when running a business. Unsecured lines of credit may provide the necessary funding quickly and effectively, offering much relief during difficult times.