NYC house flipping projects are not only one of the most accessible ways to generate revenue for commercial real estate investors, but they also improve entire neighborhoods with a long reaching positive economic impact.

NYC House Flipping Projects Are Affordable

NYC house flipping projects are perhaps the easiest commercial real undertakings. Commercial real estate investors purchase properties at below the current market value, renovate them, and then sell them for a much higher listing price. NYC house flipping projects take some research, because prices can vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood, but house flipping is simple, easy, and with the right financing, very lucrative. Purchasing run down and neglected properties is affordable, and the payoff is priceless.

NYC House Flipping Projects Have A Large Impact

NYC house flipping projects have a greater impact than just buying and selling properties. By flipping houses, local commercial real estate investors are breathing new life into homes and neighborhoods. NYC house flipping projects draw in new home buyers who will be spending locally, sending their children to local schools, and paying taxes. This means that the overall value of a neighborhood will improve with each house sold. From Long Island to the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and everywhere else in New York City, commercial real estate investors are flipping houses and uplifting entire neighborhoods, as well as the local economy, in the process.

NYC House Flipping Loans

The initial cash outlay for NYC house flipping projects can bee rather steep, even if the property is listed at below market value. Instead of trying to navigate the red tape of traditional lending institutions, most commercial real estate investors use conventional loans, or mezzanine financing for larger ventures. Additionally, commercial real estate investors will use bridge or hard money loans to ensure local expenses are covered. While the larger loan is still in the process, fix and flip loans provide a source of working capital to keep projects on track, so properties can be renovated and sold quickly.

The Best NYC Fix And Flip Loans

Abel Commercial Funding offers the fastest and most affordable financing for NYC house flipping projects. Whether you are renovating a run-down property, or restoring historical homes to their original splendor with all of the modern amenities, we can help. Our team has been involved in the NYC commercial real estate investment market for years, and we provide financing solutions tailored for transactions of all sizes. Contact our offices today at 301-200-9801 to get started.