For Annapolis, MD business owners, having access to working capital is the key to long-term growth and success. However, traditional loan are not always in the picture. Traditional lenders have prohibitively high entry requirements for Annapolis, MD entrepreneurs – demanding a strong history of financials or impeccable credit ratings to access loans. On the other side of the coin, many Annapolis, MD business owners want to avoid taking on extra debt where possible. Fortunately, there are a number of flexible and debt-free working capital solutions available to Annapolis, MD businesses.

Merchant Cash Advance

When discussing working capital solutions, Annapolis, MD entrepreneurs cannot get more flexible than a merchant cash advance. As the term implies, a merchant cash advance is an infusion of working capital for Annapolis, MD businesses. Unlike traditional loans, a merchant cash advance does not place any debt on the balance sheets for Annapolis, MD companies, nor does it compromise business credit ratings. Likewise, a merchant cash advance does not lock Annapolis, MD business owners into a rigid payment schedule. Instead, a merchant cash advance is repaid from a percentage of credit card transactions. This gives business owners in Annapolis, MD the flexibility they require during light sales periods. One last point which makes merchant cash advances stand apart from traditional loans is in prepayment. When paying off the balance of a loan ahead of schedule, traditional lender will often levy fees and penalties against Annapolis, MD business owners. A merchant cash advance does not have any prepayment fees. In fact, a merchant cash advance promotes growth and success for Annapolis, MD entrepreneurs, instead of penalizing business with unnecessary fees.

AR Financing

Accounts receivable financing (AR financing) is a great working capital solution for Annapolis, MD business owners who want to avoid taking on additional debt. AR financing is structured around Annapolis, MD businesses with customer invoices with aging periods of 30 days or longer. By monetizing open invoices, businesses in Annapolis, MD can eliminate the lag between customer payments and get immediate working capital by submitting their backlogs of open invoices, or submitting them as they are generated. AR financing does not compromise credit ratings, and it streamlines accounting by giving Annapolis, MD businesses a centralized source of revenue. AR financing generates fast working capital from within a business, instead of forcing Annapolis, MD entrepreneurs to resort to traditional loans.

Purchase Order Financing

When business owners in Annapolis, MD want to get a stronger foothold in their respective industries and carve out a larger market share, they turn to purchase order financing. Purchase order financing gives Annapolis, MD businesses owners an advance of working capital to go toward the production of large customer orders. When a large order is completed, the purchase order financing is rolled into the invoice. The customer pays the invoice in full, which takes care of the financing, and the remainder is delivered to the business as revenue. In essence, purchase order financing allows Annapolis, MD area businesses to make larger sales without having to worry about placing a financial strain on production or juggling big customer orders alongside regular deliverables. Best of all, purchase order financing is a debt-free solution.

The Best Working Capital Solutions In Annapolis, MD

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