Having cash flow issues is a common problem for small business owners, and the feeling of being mired in debt can be downright scary. Thankfully, though, there are a variety of ways to better control your funding if you simply do your homework to understand better management techniques. When you’re looking for financial inspiration, turn to these four proven strategies for fixing your money issues and guarantee yourself a greater result with business finances in the future.

Allow Your Cash to Build Interest

Having access to your funds when necessary can be crucial, but if you find yourself not needing every last penny from month to month, store it in an account that builds interest quickly. Interest is a great way to expand your cash flow without any effort on your part, and it helps ensure you have a little extra to play with when you have to deal with things like payroll or taxes. A money market account can be a wise option beyond your average savings account, as well.

Consider Renegotiating With Your Service Providers

When you’ve hit a financial bump in the road, relying on the help of your suppliers can be a key aspect to holding onto your funding. Hopefully you’ve kept great relationships with your connections and they’ll be willing to discuss different payment options that can help alleviate your cash issues, giving everyone the opportunity to hold onto this successful business contract for a longer period of time.

Sell Or Lease Unused Assets

If you’re in a money crisis and you have unused equipment or rental space to offer, why not use these things to your advantage? Turn these useless assets into quick cash by either selling your equipment outright or leasing your rental space for continuous profit over time. After all, it’s essential to have more working capital for your business than having outdated or unused assets gathering dust in the corner.

Turn to Invoice Factoring

Any of these money solutions can help get you out of the financial hole, but none may be as lucrative as depending on invoice factoring. Instead of waiting weeks for your client’s money to come rolling in, your factoring company offers it to you immediately. This is highly rewarding for both startup companies or established small business owners, as invoice factoring handles any possible debt and only relies on the credit history of your customers, not you.

Having cash flow problems can always seem daunting, but there are ways to help yourself out of a financial crisis. Incorporate any of these four strategies to start seeing more available funding and keep your business operations running smoothly.