Investing in real estate is a great move to consider for your future. Of course, there are a number of crucial decisions you will need to make along the way. For one, you need to determine whether you want to purchase residential or commercial properties. While residential may best faster to flip, commercial spaces offer more of a return on investment and the chance at several sources of consistent income. If you need to finance a commercial investment, CMBS conduit loans and mortgages are your best bet. Look at these tips to select the best financing solution for your endeavors.

Commercial Mortgages

First, it can be helpful to look at the details surrounding the traditional commercial mortgage. For this type of financing option, you will go to a larger financial institution such as a bank or credit union. There are also additional ways to obtain this type of mortgage, such as visiting with alternative lenders. While this might be a preferred choice of many, it can also be a limiting financial solution that involves high-interest rates and difficult terms. If this isn’t the solution for you, there are several other options worth your consideration.

Conduit Options

Instead of a traditional mortgage, you may be more interested in what CMBS conduit loans can bring to the table. This type of loan is usually packaged with several other commercial mortgages. It is placed into something called REMIC, or a Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit. After it has been bundled with similar mortgages, it is sold to investors on a secondary market. The loan can be useful for many business owners, but it is important to note there is a large balloon payment involved. If you are not prepared to handle the balloon payment, seek out other solutions.

Selecting the Best Fit

When exploring the financing solutions available to you, it can be wise to think about what your exact goals are with your company. If you believe your commercial investment will yield a profit within a short amount of time, then CMBS options can be a good fit because you will be able to cover the repayment requirements. However, those who need a solution without the risk of a balloon payment should consider more traditional solutions like visiting a bank for a mortgage. Weigh out your goals and see which financing option helps you reach them.

Whether your select CMBS conduit loans or a traditional commercial mortgage, investing in real estate is a great idea to consider. Find the best solution for your needs and see what you can accomplish.