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Why You Should Use Bridge Loans for Your Next Investment Property

Investing in commercial property can often be a delicate balance. There may be property that you think would be a great investment, but you may need to wait for more renters to supply rental income or sell a current property... Read More

The Top 3 Tips for Healthy Business Growth

Many small businesses don’t offer consumer financing and instead accept only cash. Doing this can actually be doing your own business a disservice. Financing is a great way to boost your business and give it the room it needs to... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Your Business Credit Score

Many businesses have company credit cards, which means there is often a credit score as well. Your company’s credit score may not seem like a big deal now, but should you ever want to secure a loan, you will want... Read More

Why Your Company Might Benefit from Alternative Financing

Small business is an area that is always growing and changing, which means business owners are privy to even more options than ever before. At least half of these businesses have financing from nonbank sources, owner investments, and more. Seeking... Read More

Accounts Receivable Financing: What Works and What Doesn’t

If you are considering the use of accounts receivable financing for your company, there are several things you should know. Small businesses may run into difficulty securing lines of credit and loans that provide the needed capital when there is... Read More

Why Entrepreneurs Need Unsecured Lines of Credit

Starting and running a business can often be an expensive endeavor. Most individual don’t have enough capital lying around, and some businesses may be in operation for several years before they start making a profit. For this reason, many entrepreneurs... Read More

Why CRE Investors Are Using Stated Income Loans

Traditional loans are often difficult to obtain. Banks and other lenders typically require steady income, proven track records and assets to be used as collateral before approving any loans. Unfortunately, the commercial real estate industry may experience its up and... Read More

Why Crowdfunding Falls Short Compared to Business Loans

Entrepreneurs often need investments and loans to be able to gather enough capital to start their business, purchase inventory and equipment, pay their expenses and more. While crowdfunding has become a popular way of collecting money, it usually isn’t as... Read More

5 Tips to Secure a Small Business Loan

Whether you need extra cash to deal with your daily expenses or you are just starting out, most small businesses often turn to loans when necessary. Here are some tips on how your organization can secure a small business loan.... Read More

Philadelphia Small Business Loans: Choosing a Lender

Philadelphia Small Business Loans: Choosing a Lender Small business loans are vital for everything from startup capital to growth projects, and everything in between. For entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, choosing the right lender for small business loans can seem overwhelming, with... Read More