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A Beginner’s Guide to Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Single-family houses are the first properties that real estate investors usually purchase, largely because they are also the most familiar. Commercial real estate often comes later, after an investor has become comfortable with smaller deals. Whether you’re dropping into stated... Read More

Everything Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Small Business Loans

If you need funding for your startup or growing business, you may be researching small business loans. Getting access to capital should boost your company in a multitude of ways, potentially allowing you to purchase inventory, hire needed staff and... Read More

SBA Loans: Tips and Tricks for Success

If you are looking for financing options to help start or grow your small business, you may be researching possibilities such as SBA loans (acquisitions and real estate). When you evaluate the possibility of getting a loan from the Small... Read More

How Bridge Loans Could Take Your Company to the Next Level

Whether your small business is well established or just getting started, you know that it is important to focus on continual growth. Have you considered the ways in which hard money / bridge loans may help you take your company... Read More

Corporate Structure: Is Your Company Organized in the Best Way Possible?

Choosing a business entity or corporate structure is a big deal. It determines how your company will ultimately be organized. There are certain advantages to each type of business structure. Here are several common business structures that you may want... Read More

How To Become an Expert in Commercial Real Estate Financing

If you are hoping to invest in or develop commercial properties, you will need to build a strong understanding of commercial real estate financing. While there is no substitute for research and experience, there are a few strategies that may... Read More

Business Mergers for Exponential Growth

Business owners often share the same goal, which is continually growing their companies. This growth can happen in a variety of ways. For instance, a business can grow through either a merger or acquisition. Here is why business mergers may... Read More

Why You Should Use Bridge Loans for Your Next Investment Property

Investing in commercial property can often be a delicate balance. There may be property that you think would be a great investment, but you may need to wait for more renters to supply rental income or sell a current property... Read More

The Top 3 Tips for Healthy Business Growth

Many small businesses don’t offer consumer financing and instead accept only cash. Doing this can actually be doing your own business a disservice. Financing is a great way to boost your business and give it the room it needs to... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Your Business Credit Score

Many businesses have company credit cards, which means there is often a credit score as well. Your company’s credit score may not seem like a big deal now, but should you ever want to secure a loan, you will want... Read More